Why Did My Playlist Disappear on Apple Music?

All Apple Music playlists will be deleted if your membership is out of date. software-induced modifications. Your iTunes account may have synchronized across all of your devices, or your Show Apple Music option may be turned off automatically, if your Apple Music playlists start to vanish from your iPhone after installing iOS 15 update.

Similarly, How do I get my playlist back on Apple Music?

Deleted Playlist Recovery from Apple Music: Part 2 Make sure you’re subscribed. Activate “Show Apple Music.” Activate “iCloud Music Library.” With iTunes, update your iCloud Music Library. Verify that Apple Music is listed under Other Media. Flip on the Apple Music Playlist button.

Also, it is asked, Where did my Apple Music playlist go?

All of your Apple Music playlists and songs are stored in the iCloud Music Library. Your playlists may have vanished for a variety of reasons, one of which is that this function may be broken. All you can do in these circumstances is re-enable your iCloud Music Library.

Secondly, Do you lose your playlist on Apple Music?

If you have contributed your own music to the iCloud Music Library, it will remain there; however, you won’t be able to access it until you renew your Apple Music subscription. Apple Music does not offer a free version, in contrast to Spotify. Following the cancellation, all of your generated playlists become unreachable.

Also, Can you recover deleted Apple Music playlists?

Only restoring the complete iPhone from a backup that contains the playlist will allow you to recover a deleted playlist. Restore is an all-or-nothing operation, so be mindful of that. Any information on your iPhone between now and the time the backup was made will be destroyed, and you cannot, for example, restore only playlists.

People also ask, How do I recover a deleted playlist?

bring back deleted playlists Open your account page and log in. In the menu on the left, choose Recover playlists. By the playlist you wish to restore, click RESTORE. The repaired playlist may be found at the bottom of your playlist library when Spotify is opened.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I get my playlist back on my iPhone?

For a short while, turn off your device’s power. Return to your iTunes account after turning on the device and log in using your Apple ID. After that, activate iCloud Music Library in Settings. After doing so, your iPhone ought to display the whole playlist.

Why won’t my playlists show up on my iPhone?

Whether you’re not using Sync Library and are still using a manual sync, see if you can choose to sync all chosen playlists or just some of them under the Finder’s Music tab for your phone. If so, see if your missing playlist is checked.

How long does Apple Music keep your playlists?

You won’t need to save them again if you opt to reactivate the Apple Music subscription since they will stay in your library for 30 days.

How do I recover my deleted Apple Music library?

Go to Settings > Music > The iCloud Music Library option is located under the Library column. You can switch it on and off if it’s already on. You will be given the option to activate or disable iCloud Music Library; choose Merge.

Can you recover deleted music on iPhone?

Items bought from the iTunes Store, Apple TV app, Book Store, and App Store may be downloaded again without having to be repurchased. You may download things bought by other family members if you’re a part of a Family Sharing group.

Are there playlists on Apple Music?

On your iPhone, iPod touch, or Android device, make a playlist. Activate the Apple Music app. Tap Library at the bottom of your screen. Select Playlists.

Why is my music deleted itself iPhone?

It seems that music downloaded on the iPhone is being removed, necessitating a new download. If you have Optimize Storage enabled in the Music options under Settings, for example, this may occur. When this is turned on and the iPhone runs out of space, music is immediately deleted.

Why is my public playlist not showing?

Could you please try adding the playlist to your profile by using these steps? Go to the playlist on Spotify by opening it. Select Make public by selecting the three dots menu next to the playlist. Once the playlist has been made public, click on the three dots menu of the playlist once again and choose Add to Profile.

How many songs can you have on an Apple playlist?

A maximum of 100,000 songs can be stored in your iCloud library using the base storage space; if you go over this limit (for instance, by adding 200 playlists with 100 songs each), any songs that aren’t currently downloaded onto a device will be removed from your library until more space becomes available.

Why isn’t my Library loading on Apple Music?

The summary of a few fixes for the Apple Music won’t load library problem is provided below: Restart your Android or iPhone mobile device. Check the connection to your network. Activate and deactivate Sync Library.

What happens when you remove playlist from profile?

Now that you may only choose to “Remove from profile” while creating a new playlist on desktop, your followers will still see that you are listening to the playlist even if it isn’t shown on your profile.

What does it mean when you remove a playlist from your profile?

Using the playlist privacy option “Remove from profile” will prevent a playlist from appearing on your Spotify profile; however, using the setting “Remove from Your Library” will also lead you to unfollow the playlist, which will remove it from Your Library (where you may discover.

Does Apple Music have storage limit?

Additionally, each music file has to be under 200 MB in size. “Your music collection may include up to 100,000 tracks. This restriction does not apply to songs you purchase through the iTunes Store.” If you still need help uploading your music, let us know.

Is there a song limit on Apple Music?

Apple Music is very liberal this time around in comparison to the download caps of Spotify Premium and Google Play Music, which are 10,000 songs and 50,000 songs, respectively. This restriction pertains to the number of songs you may have in your music collection, which is limited to 100,000.

Is Apple Music better than Spotify?

Apple Music provides high-resolution and lossless audio, which is a significant benefit over Spotify even if you aren’t a member of the AirPods army. You can get CD-quality sound from a digital file thanks to lossless audio, which effectively prevents a lot of the data loss that occurs when music are compressed from their original source.

What happened to my iTunes library?

The business verified that when Mac customers upgrade their software, purchased TV shows and movies would move to the Apple TV app and music from your library will be transferred to the Apple Music app. Mac users will be able to utilize the Music app to access the iTunes Music Store and the TV app to purchase movies and TV series.

How do you fix Apple Music?

Six Potential Solutions Verify that the Apple Music app is running the most recent version. Restart Apple Music after forcing a shutdown. Switch off your phone. Delete the cache or data for the app. For one minute, switch off your phone, then turn it back on. Delete your Apple ID and then re-enter it.

What happens if I turn on iCloud music library?

By “matching” your tracks to songs available on the iTunes Save (or uploading tracks directly, if there is no match available), Apple’s iCloud Music Collection service allows you to store your personal music library online. Then, up to ten other registered devices in your possession may stream and download them without any DRM.

Does removing playlist from profile make it private?

We can attest that adding or deleting a playlist from your profile has the same effect as setting it to public or private. Hope this was useful.

What happens if I delete a shared playlist on Apple Music?

each response Since the shared playlist is a link or searchable, removing it would render it invisible. Additionally, even if the playlist is saved, any modifications are updated.

Does making a playlist Private remove it from your profile?

Additionally, it won’t even appear under your profile when you press “Remove from Profile.” When you choose “Make Private,” only you will be able to view the playlist; everyone else who has liked or interacted with it will no longer be able to.

Can I still listen to a deleted playlist?

There is no way for you to regain access to a deleted playlist that you are currently following. This post was written as part of Gadget Hacks’ special focus on using your smartphone to stream, listen to, and create podcasts.

What happens if someone deletes a playlist you liked?

A playlist that has been removed by the person who made it will continue to exist in the system so that its owner may reclaim it.

What happens when you delete a shared playlist?

The playlist will firstly vanish entirely from your library. A playlist that other users have followed will still be accessible to them even if you remove it. Understanding this is crucial since it indicates that Spotify will only remove a shared playlist for you.

Can people see playlists that aren’t on your profile?

Which playlists are shown on your profile is completely up to you. It should be noted that if you share playlists that don’t appear on your profile, the receivers may play, follow, and share them with others. Followers of the playlist may show them on their profiles.


The “why do songs disappear from my playlist apple music” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer is simple, if you delete songs from your library and then re-add them again, they will appear in the same spot on your playlist.

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